Julie de Beaurepaire was born in Paris and lives in Los Angeles. All of her jewelry are designed, prototyped and handcrafted in her LA. studio.

The collection was designed with an ethnic spirit, following her intuitions and her dream nomad journey.

Soon she became a passionate traveler with a passion for crafts and designs from around the world. Through her collections, she shares her joy and love to create.



From South America to Europe, Julie took inspiration in the soul of Costa Rica, the hippie vibes of Formentera and her love for Paris. Each piece of jewelry is inspired by  tropical colors, nomad vibes, a smooth and rounded stone from a far away country.
From the deep jungle of Brazil to the bohemian lights of Tulum, Julie turns energies into jewelry. Each unique piece comes from a new trip, a land, an ethnic vibration. She believes in free spirited life searching for inspiration and peace.